FONASBA and Western Ships Agency

On 20th of June 2019 Western Ships Agency had the honor to welcome the Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers & Agents (FONASBA) president Mr. Aziz Mantrach and regional Vice-President of Europe Mr. Antonio Belmar da Costa. We had an opportunity to discuss international and regional maritime related trends and issues. Also, benefits of FONASBA membership was reviewed such as FONASBA Quality standard (FQS) certification, membership and port surveys benefits, maritime education, training, and other advantages. As pictured below, at the end of the meeting, from left: Dmitrij Korobka – Sales Manager at Western Ships Agency; Aziz Mantrach – President at FONASBA; Kristina Čukalina – Administrator-marketing manager at Western Ships Agency; Antonio Belmar da Costa – Regional Vice-President Europe at FONASBA.